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12th November 2018 - The day kiwis can finally enjoy a hemp seed

The day has come! Almost exactly one year after we started Beefy Green, the hemp seed as a food law and legislation has finally changed and we may now be able to catch up with the rest of the world.

Please visit the MPI website for more on what this means for New Zealanders.

"Amendments to regulations to allow the sale of hemp seeds as food take effect today.

Head of New Zealand Food Safety, Bryan Wilson, says there was wide support for changes to introduce hemp seed into the New Zealand food supply.

"Hemp seeds are safe to eat and nutritious. They don't produce a psychoactive or therapeutic effect.""

We at Beefy Green see this as a positive step towards hemp becoming a staple in all kiwi's diets. 

"Although hemp seeds can now be sold as food, hemp production continues to be regulated to ensure that illegal, high-THC cannabis is not produced. Hemp flowers and leaves are not permitted. Growing, possession, and trade of whole seeds require a licence from the Ministry of Health."

Although we can now legally consume hemp seeds as a food, the process for growers to make the switch, still puts some barriers in place. This is still hindering the ability for our local hemp market to fully gain the traction is deserves. 

We are looking forward to more legislative changes in the near future :D


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